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Awards for Small Business & Nonprofit Leadership, Teachers & Students: 

Awards in recognition of nonprofit leadership, small business management, teacher excellence and student achievement.
Awards for outstanding individuals' impact on the community and the people they serve.

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Awards to Jackson County, Michigan Teachers to Recognize Dedication to Local Youth

Deadline 10/18/19

Awards of $1,000 and an award of $5,000 to Jackson County, Michigan K-12 teachers to recognize their hard work and dedication to local youth. Funding is intended for professional development or classroom use. The Foundation seeks to honor innovative educators who go above and beyond to make a difference in their students' ...

GrantWatch ID#: 150659

Awards to Arizona PreK-12 Public Schools and Public Charter Schools for Educational Excellence

Deadline 01/10/20

Awards of $500 to Arizona PreK-12 district and charter public schools for educational excellence. Awards are intended to recognize schools that demonstrate sustained high achievement or significant improvement, as well as an exceptional ability to meet students' academic and non-academic needs.

GrantWatch ID#: 175507

Award to a Cumberland County, North Carolina Nonprofit to Recognize Exceptional Leadership Qu...

Deadline 09/22/19

Award of $1,000 to a Cumberland County, North Carolina nonprofit organization to recognize exceptional leadership qualities of a board member or recent board retiree. The award will acknowledge the recipient's abilities to lead his or her organization on a path to best practices and sound governance. The award may be used ...

GrantWatch ID#: 186689

Awards to Minnesota K-12 Teachers to Recognize Excellence in Science Education

Deadline 09/23/19

Awards of $1,000 to Minnesota K-12 teachers to recognize excellence in science education. The award acknowledges outstanding achievements in teaching and provides funding for classroom activities. Two science teachers - one at elementary school level and one at secondary school level - will be recognized. Candidates may no...

GrantWatch ID#: 144568

Award to a Colorado Individual to Recognize Outstanding Contributions to Healthcare in a Rur...

Deadline 09/23/19

Award to a Colorado individual to honor outstanding contributions to the healthcare, health, or healthcare delivery system within a rural region, area, or community. Healthcare providers, administrators, board members, and volunteers are among those eligible for nomination.

GrantWatch ID#: 156189

Awards to USA Communities to Recognize Efforts to Improve the Health of Local Residents

Deadline 01/16/20 Conference Date: 09/24/19 LOI Date: 11/04/19

Prizes of $25,000 and other award benefits to USA and territories local governments, tribes, regions, and nonprofits representing communities that have prioritized health. Initial applications must be submitted prior to the final deadline. Funding is intended to recognize communities that are working on the forefront of ad...

GrantWatch ID#: 175672

Awards to USA Youth-Serving Groups to Recognize Child Abuse Prevention

Deadline 09/26/19

Awards to USA YMCAs, Nonprofit resident camps, Boys & Girls Clubs, and Jewish Community Centers to recognize effective child abuse prevention measures. Winners must exemplify excellence in innovation and leadership in practice around the critical topic of prevention of child sexual abuse.

GrantWatch ID#: 186524

Awards to Missouri and Illinois Educators to Recognize Outstanding Teaching in the St. Louis...

Deadline 09/27/19

Awards to Missouri and Illinois K-12 public and private teachers and college professors in the St. Louis metropolitan area to recognize excellence in their field. Recipients are nominated by the chief administrators of their educational institutions or school districts.

GrantWatch ID#: 161596

Awards to USA and Canada K-12 Teachers for Exceptional Instruction in Latin, Greek, or Classi...

Deadline 09/27/19

Awards of $500 to USA and Canada K-12 teachers to recognize outstanding classroom instruction of Greek, Latin, or classics. Nominations are invited on behalf of individuals demonstrating excellent teaching practices. Nominations may be made by an administrator, a colleague, a former student, or any member of the Society of...

GrantWatch ID#: 181424

Grants and Awards to USA, Canada, and International Researchers for New Treatments and Thera...

Deadline 01/07/20 LOI Date: 09/28/19

Grants and awards to USA, Canada, and International researchers with an advanced degree (i.e., MD, PhD, MS, or PharmD), for scientific research projects that may result in new treatments for people with epilepsy. To start the application process, applicants must submit a letter of intent. Funding is intended to accelerate ...

GrantWatch ID#: 180289

Award to a USA, Canada, or International Teacher to Recognize Excellence in Teaching

Deadline 09/29/19

Award to recognize an outstanding USA, Canada, or International teacher who has made an exceptional contribution to the teaching profession. This award is intended to highlight the importance of teaching, and demonstrate the fact that teachers across the globe deserve to be recognized and celebrated.

GrantWatch ID#: 174812

Award to a USA, Canada, or International Scientist for a Significant Breakthrough in Cancer ...

Deadline 09/30/19

Award of $25,000 to a USA, Canada, or International individual to recognize an original breakthrough or discovery in the field of cancer research. Candidates for this award have furthered cancer prevention, treatments, and early diagnosis. The discovery must have had a significant impact on the cancer field and made a dire...

GrantWatch ID#: 172204

Award to a USA IHE Faculty Member for Excellence in Teaching First-Year Teacher Seminars

Deadline 09/30/19

Award of $1,000 to a USA college or university faculty member for excellence and innovation in teaching first-year teacher seminars. This award is intended to honor a teacher who has inspired student success, learning, and development, and who has demonstrated great success in teaching first-year seminars.

GrantWatch ID#: 186673

Award to a USA, Canada, or International Nonprofit for Outstanding Contributions to Humanita...

Deadline 10/01/19

Award to a USA, Canada, or International nonprofit organization to recognize outstanding efforts toward alleviating human suffering. The purpose of this award is to honor and advance the recipient organization’s efforts and call attention to the global need for humanitarian aid, thereby encouraging others to expand their...

GrantWatch ID#: 146363

Grants and an Award to California K-12 Teachers for Classroom Projects that Promote Agricultu...

Deadline 10/01/19

Grants of up to $500 and one award of $1,000 to California K-12 educators to improve agricultural learning experiences in their classrooms. Funding is intended for projects in the areas of science, outreach, nutrition, and educational field trips. Projects must support the integration of agriculture studies into classroom ...

GrantWatch ID#: 149415

Awards to Canada Arts Managers for Mentoring and Professional Development Opportunities

Deadline 10/01/19

Awards of $10,000 to Canada arts managers of any arts discipline to recognize excellence and accomplishment in their careers at professional arts organizations. The awards are intended to be used for professional development and mentoring opportunities for mid-career and established managers.

GrantWatch ID#: 160587

Award to a USA or Canada Mathematician for Outstanding Contributions to K-16 Math Education

Deadline 10/01/19

Award of $5,000 to a USA or Canada pure or applied mathematician to recognize outstanding contributions to the quality of education for K-16 students. Nominees must have a Ph.D. and published research in pure or applied mathematics, as well as a record of outstanding contributions to mathematics education.

GrantWatch ID#: 160652

Award to a USA, Canada, or Mexico Librarian for Extraordinary Achievements in the Profession

Deadline 10/01/19

Award to a USA, Canada, or Mexico professional librarian to recognize outstanding accomplishments and achievements within the field. Nominations are invited on behalf of librarians whose actions represent the highest service goals within the profession. These include the following: -Free access to information for all ...

GrantWatch ID#: 174734

Awards to West Virginia Individuals, Organizations, and Agencies for Significant Contributio...

Deadline 10/01/19

Awards to West Virginia individuals, organizations, and agencies to recognize contributions to the field of philanthropy. Awards will be given in four categories to honor extraordinary commitment and efforts in charitable giving and local grantmaking that have made a positive impact on West Virginia residents.

GrantWatch ID#: 181884

Award to a Derby Area, Kansas Individual, Organization, or Group to Recognize Outstanding Co...

Deadline 10/01/19

Award to a Derby area, Kansas individual, group of individuals, organization, or civic group to recognize an achievement or contribution to the local community. The award recipient will be honored for an exceptional act of generosity performed during the past year. In addition to receiving a personalized prize package, the...

GrantWatch ID#: 185946

Awards to Delaware Organizations, Businesses, and Individuals to Honor Wetland Protection and...

Deadline 10/02/19

Awards to Delaware organizations, businesses, students, teachers, classrooms, and citizens to recognize outstanding efforts to benefit the state’s wetland resources through education and outreach, assessment and monitoring, or protection and restoration. Nominations are invited for the following two categories: 1. Ed...

GrantWatch ID#: 181170

Awards to New Mexico K-12 Teachers for Excellence in Teaching STEM Subjects

Deadline 10/04/19

Awards to New Mexico science teachers in kindergarten through grade 12 who have demonstrated excellence in teaching the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math) to their students. These awards honor outstanding Informal Science Educators and K-12 science teachers at the New Mexico Academy of Science Annua...

GrantWatch ID#: 160046

Awards to USA Nonprofits, Agencies, and IHEs to Recognize Work with Alzheimer's and Dementia...

Deadline 10/04/19

Awards of $20,000 to honor USA nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and universities for existing projects that benefit individuals suffering from Alzheimer's disease and related dementias and support their family members or other unpaid caregivers. Eligible programs must have been implemented and running in 2018 ...

GrantWatch ID#: 160329

Awards to Iowa K-12 Teachers for Excellence in STEM Education

Deadline 10/04/19

Awards to Iowa K-12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics teachers to recognize and support outstanding contributions to the quality of STEM education in the state. Nominations are accepted on behalf of teachers who are significantly impacting the lives of students by providing excellent curriculum, encouraging...

GrantWatch ID#: 164332

Awards to Arkansas Municipalities for Innovative Volunteer Service Addressing Community Needs

Deadline 10/04/19

Awards to Arkansas municipalities in recognition of outstanding community-wide volunteer efforts. This award program is intended to honor communities as a whole, rather than individual volunteers. Winners have addressed vital communal needs, overcome obstacles and crises, and taken innovative approaches to solving problems.

GrantWatch ID#: 174776

Award to a USA Researcher for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Biomedicine

Deadline 10/04/19

Award of $50,000 to a USA researcher who has made significant contributions to the field of biomedicine. The award is intended to recognize major, paradigm-shifting accomplishments that will impact the field by advancing biomedical research knowledge and spreading it to a broad and substantial audience.

GrantWatch ID#: 174899

Grants and In-Kind Awards to New Orleans Area, Louisiana Nonprofits and Schools for Particip...

Deadline 10/04/19

Grants of $3,000, $1,500, and $750 and in-kind awards to New Orleans area, Louisiana schools and nonprofit organizations to encourage participation in a local race. This program offers discounted registration fees for the 5K race, as well as cash grants to the organizations and schools that have the highest participation r...

GrantWatch ID#: 175314

Award to Canadian Aboriginal for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Deadline 10/04/19

Award of $10,000 to a Canadian individual of Aboriginal descent for demonstrated initiative in the field of business. Funding is intended to reward a young resident of Métis, Inuit or First Nation ancestry for a business enterprise that will inspire advancement in the national economy. The National Youth Entrepreneursh...

GrantWatch ID#: 182263

Awards to USA K-12 Educators and Employees to Recognize Excellence and Leadership in Schools

Deadline 10/04/19

Awards to USA K-12 public, charter, and private school or school district educators and employees to recognize leadership, positive influence, and professional excellence. The purpose of the program is to honor teachers and staff that significantly benefit schools and their students. To be considered for LifeChanger of ...

GrantWatch ID#: 186015

Grants to Monterey County, California Nonprofits, Public Schools, and School Foundations to B...

Deadline 10/04/19

Grants ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 to Monterey County, California nonprofit organizations, public schools, and school foundations for programs that benefit K-12 public school teachers. Funding is available in the form of monetary awards to teachers based on demonstrated merit and commitment. In addition, public school f...

GrantWatch ID#: 186849

Awards to USA, Canada, and International Individuals to Recognize Social Justice Innovators

Deadline 10/07/19

Awards to USA, Canada, and International individuals to recognize outstanding and creative work in social justice and change. Awards are intended for innovators who have identified a particular need and created a systemic solution for it that has made a significant impact in the field.

GrantWatch ID#: 174178

Awards to USA Female Superintendents and School Administrators to Recognize Outstanding Lead...

Deadline 10/11/19

Awards of $1,000 to USA women for outstanding leadership in the field of education. Awards will recognize female superintendents, administrators, and other women in school leadership positions. Nominations and applications are accepted for the following three award categories: - The Superintendent Award – awarded to ...

GrantWatch ID#: 159056

Awards to Lansing, Michigan Individuals, Businesses, and Organizations for Contributions to ...

Deadline 10/14/19

Awards to Michigan individuals, organizations, and businesses in the Greater Lansing region for significant contributions to the local arts landscape through their support, vision, leadership, and commitment. Awards are available for artists, arts educators, and elected or appointed individuals, as well.

GrantWatch ID#: 182150

Award to a USA, Territories, and Canada Author for a Scholarly Book or Catalog About Costume ...

Deadline 10/15/19

Award of $750 to a USA, Territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands), or Canada author for a published book or exhibition catalog that contributes significantly to the study of costume and research related to dress. Funding is intended for material that makes a considerable contribution to the analysis of costume, d...

GrantWatch ID#: 150317

Awards to USA, Canada, and International Scholars for Outstanding Achievements in the Scienc...

Deadline 10/15/19

Awards to USA, Canada, and International scholars and scientists for outstanding achievements in the fields of history, medicine, environmental sciences, biochemistry and biophysics, and cognitive science. Awards will recognize significant breakthroughs and innovations, and visionary work influencing the development of eac...

GrantWatch ID#: 162011

Awards to USA and Puerto Rico Latino High School Seniors for Outstanding Academic Achievemen...

Deadline 10/15/19

Awards ranging from $1,000 to $3,500 to USA and Puerto Rico Latino high school seniors to honor outstanding academic achievements and community involvement. Recipients must attend a regional event at their own cost. Awards are intended to recognize excellence in multiple categories such as community service; business and e...

GrantWatch ID#: 162756

Awards to Louisiana Individuals for Outstanding Contributions in the Humanities Disciplines

Deadline 10/15/19

Awards to Louisiana individuals to recognize exceptional contributions to the understanding and study of humanities disciplines. Nominees will be considered in the categories of lifetime achievement, documentary photography, documentary film, museum exhibition, humanities book of the year, and literacy. No single humanitie...

GrantWatch ID#: 167217

Awards to USA Student Teams (Grades 6-12) for STEM Projects that Address Environmental Issues

Deadline 10/16/19

Prizes of $10,000, $15,000, and $30,000 to USA teams of students in grades 6 through 12 for winning projects that offer creative solutions to environmental concerns in the areas of land and water, and air and climate. Topics can address the issues of pollution, deforestation, biodiversity, global warming, or water conserva...

GrantWatch ID#: 182107

Awards to USA Librarians to Recognize their Outstanding Service and Accomplishments

Deadline 10/21/19

Awards of $5,000 to USA librarians for outstanding service to public, school, college, university, and community college libraries. Awards are intended to recognize librarians for going above and beyond their role as librarian and improving lives in their communities. In addition to the cash award, each nominee will be pr...

GrantWatch ID#: 174273

Awards to New Brunswick Emerging Filmmakers and Media Artists to Encourage the Completion of...

Deadline 10/23/19

Awards consisting of cash and equipment and valued at $8,500 to New Brunswick independent filmmakers and media artists for the completion of projects that are reflective of the recipients' creativity. Funding is intended to assist emerging producers, directors, video artists, and scriptwriters in finishing creative project...

GrantWatch ID#: 156461

Opportunity for USA 6-12th Grade Teachers to Engage Students in STEM Projects that Improve L...

Deadline 10/23/19

Opportunity for USA public school teachers of grades 6-12 to engage students in STEM-related projects that will address community issues and empower students to give back to their communities. Contest finalists and winners will be chosen at the state and national levels, and winners will receive technology prize packages.

GrantWatch ID#: 161778

Grants to Arizona Individual Artists for New Works, Research, and Artistic Development

Deadline 02/05/20 LOI Date: 10/25/19

Grants ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 to Arizona new and established individual artists for research and artistic development in any discipline. Applicants must submit a preliminary application prior to the submission of a final proposal. Additionally, one award will be made to a nonfiction writer for costs related to a pro...

GrantWatch ID#: 181600

Awards to Recognize USA K-12 Teachers for Exceptional Teaching of Patriotism and Civic Respo...

Deadline 10/31/19

Awards to recognize USA K-12 teachers for their exceptional dedication to teaching patriotism and Americanism to their students. One elementary school, middle school, and high school teacher will be selected at the national level. Teachers who promote flag etiquette, civic responsibility, and patriotism are prime candidate...

GrantWatch ID#: 179165

Opportunity for USA Individuals, Groups, and Legal Entities to Propose Ideas That Will Benefi...

Deadline 10/31/19

Opportunity for USA individuals, groups, and legal entities to propose ideas that will improve accessibility, affordability, and mobility in the Michigan Central Station Impact Area. Funding is intended for innovative ideas that benefit workers, residents, or visitors to the area. Opportunity areas including improving acce...

GrantWatch ID#: 186840

Grants to Pennsylvania K-12 Teachers in Eligible Counties for Innovative Educational Program...

Deadline 10/31/19

Grants ranging from $200 to $500 to Pennsylvania K-12 teachers in eligible counties for innovative educational programming. Funding is intended for programs that may not have been funded otherwise. Eligible requests include books, funding for classroom programs or projects, technology, and classroom supplies.

GrantWatch ID#: 186846

Awards to Kentucky Individuals, Organizations, Agencies, and Schools to Recognize Significan...

Deadline 11/01/19

Awards to Kentucky individuals, organizations, businesses, agencies, and schools to recognize significant and extraordinary contributions to the arts within the state or nationally. Nine award categories are available to honor those who have supported artists and arts organizations and who have demonstrated the value of th...

GrantWatch ID#: 126777

Award to a USA, Canada, or International Individual or Team for Sustainable and Affordable C...

Deadline 11/01/19

Award of $5,000 to a USA, Canada, or International individual or team to recognize environmentally-friendly chemistry innovation. Consideration will be given to discoveries that lead the way for sustainable manufacturing processes or products at a cost less than or comparable to that of current technologies, or discoveries...

GrantWatch ID#: 155107

Award to a USA High School Drama Teacher for Outstanding Contributions to Theater Education

Deadline 11/01/19

Award of $5,000 to a USA high school drama and theater teacher to recognize outstanding dedication to teaching theater arts to high school students. In addition to the cash award, an additional $1,000 will be awarded to the honoree’s school to enhance the high school theatre or drama program.

GrantWatch ID#: 162785

Award to a USA, Canada, or International Individual, IHE, Nonprofit, or For-Profit for Histo...

Deadline 11/01/19

Award of $500 to a USA, Canada, or International individual, IHE, nonprofit organization, or corporate entity for efforts to make history engaging to audiences outside of academia. Applicants will be nominated based on long-term contributions and achievements in the public history movement. The award recipient will rec...

GrantWatch ID#: 163018

Awards to Yukon Individuals for Personal Dedication to Natural Resource Conservation and Man...

Deadline 11/01/19

Awards of $1,000 to Yukon individuals to recognize outstanding dedication to the management and conservation of natural resources within the province. The purpose of this award is to promote public appreciation for, and awareness of, the personal dedication necessary to conserve and manage Yukon’s natural resources. ...

GrantWatch ID#: 174156