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Grants for public school teachers for the improvement of education, grants for classroom supplies, innovative teaching strategies and professional development teaching opportunities. Find classroom grants for school funding, grants to public school educators to enhance teaching, provide support for STEM professionals and for the pursuit of careers in teaching.

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Grants to New York State Public School Districts, Consortia of Districts, and BOCES for Prof...

Deadline 11/19/19

Grants to New York public school districts, consortia of districts, and BOCES for professional development programs for K-8 teachers. Funding is intended to create, share, and implement programs that improve teacher's expertise in computer science, engineering, and educational technology. The goal of the program is to help...

GrantWatch ID#: 186867

Grants to Missouri and Illinois K-12 Schools in the St. Louis Area to Inspire Student Learni...

Deadline 01/31/20 Conference Date: 11/19/19

Grants to Missouri and Illinois public, private, and charter schools in the St. Louis area for creative classroom projects that prepare students for a technology-rich future. Funding is intended for projects that motivate teachers, engage students, and generate excitement and enthusiasm for learning.

GrantWatch ID#: 178214

Grants to La Plata County, Colorado Nonprofits and Public School Staff for Academic Enrichmen...

Deadline 11/22/19

Grants to La Plata County, Colorado nonprofit organizations and PreK-12 public school teachers, staff, and administrators for academic enrichment programs, materials, and technology. All applicants must submit a Letter of Inquiry and contact staff prior to applying. Funding is intended to encourage fresh ideas and promote ...

GrantWatch ID#: 139394

Grants to Broward County, Florida PreK-12 Teachers and Administrators to Enhance School Curr...

Deadline 11/22/19

Grants averaging between $500 and $1,200 to Broward County, Florida PreK-12 teachers and school administrators to enhance the school curriculum. Funding is intended to support innovative enrichment projects that examine nontraditional learning methods. Preference will be given to projects aiming to expand and enhance the d...

GrantWatch ID#: 175240

Grants to Shelby County, Ohio K-8 Teachers for Arts-Related Classroom Programming and Materi...

Deadline 11/22/19

Grants to Shelby County, Ohio K-8 teachers for arts materials or programming. Funding is intended to enhance arts education for local children in grades K-8. Eligible programs may relate to the literary, musical, visual, or performing arts. Preference is given to requests for art materials used in the classroom or other ar...

GrantWatch ID#: 184278

Opportunity for USA Educators of Grades 5-12 to Showcase Student Volunteer Activities

Deadline 11/24/19

Opportunity for USA educators of grades 5 through 12 to participate in a competition showcasing students' volunteer projects. The chosen school will have their volunteer project showcased on social media and at a public event. A film crew will be sent to the school to produce a short video about the students' efforts. The ...

GrantWatch ID#: 187212

Grants to Illinois PreK-12 Teachers and Educators for Environmental Stewardship Projects

Deadline 11/30/19

Grants of up to $1,000 to Illinois PreK-12 teachers, youth group leaders, and nature center personnel to engage students in hands-on environmental stewardship activities. Projects must be implemented on school grounds or other public spaces, such as parks, nature centers, and forest preserve district lands.

GrantWatch ID#: 175878

Grants to North Carolina K-12 Teachers for Environmental Education Projects

Deadline 11/30/19

Grants of up to $1,000 to North Carolina K-12 teachers for environmental education and stewardship activities. Funding will support educational projects that foster student excitement about environmental stewardship, promote natural resources protection, and cultivate an appreciation for the natural environment by getting ...

GrantWatch ID#: 176565

Award to a Nebraska K-8 teacher to Recognize Efforts to Integrate Agricultural Concepts into...

Deadline 12/01/19

Award of $250 and in-kind support to a Nebraska K-8 teacher to recognize efforts to integrate agricultural concepts into the classroom curriculum. The award is intended to recognize a teacher for their integrated efforts and interest in teaching students about the importance of agriculture.

GrantWatch ID#: 140860

Fellowships for USA High School Math and Science Teachers for Professional Development Activ...

Deadline 12/01/19

Fellowships for USA early-career high school math and science teachers for career development and professional preparedness. Fellowships are intended to provide new math and science teachers with resources and support to improve education in the country's schools. Ideal fellowship candidates have a strong background in sci...

GrantWatch ID#: 147793

Award to a USA, Canada, or International Psychologist for Excellence in Teaching Psychology

Deadline 12/01/19

Award of $4,000 to a USA, Canada, or International psychologist to recognize their significant contributions to the field of psychology, while also demonstrating achievement related to the teaching of psychology. Nominees should demonstrate outstanding performance in professional development and classroom teaching. Nomi...

GrantWatch ID#: 159521

Awards to USA and Canada College English Teachers to Recognize Outstanding Language Learning...

Deadline 12/01/19

Awards of $500 to USA, territories, and Canada English teachers at two-year colleges to recognize outstanding programs to improve language learning for students of diverse backgrounds and interests. These awards recognize teachers who, along with community leaders, administrators, or colleagues in the English Department or...

GrantWatch ID#: 160628

Grants to Oklahoma Teachers, Schools, and Organizations for Youth Environmental Learning Pro...

Deadline 12/01/19

Grants ranging from $100 to $1,000 to Oklahoma teachers, PreK-12 schools, youth group leaders, school environmental clubs, and youth-serving organizations for environmental learning programs and environmentally focused projects and strategies. Funding is intended to support projects in the categories of edible gardens, env...

GrantWatch ID#: 176886

Scholarships to Sturgis Area, Michigan Education Majors to Cover College Expenses

Deadline 12/01/19

Scholarships to Sturgis area, Michigan college students pursuing a major in education. Funding is intended to support education majors that are fulfilling their student teaching requirement. Applicants must detail their expected education costs during the upcoming school year, including any special financial circumstances.

GrantWatch ID#: 181643

Award to a USA Teacher for Exceptional Contributions to American History Education

Deadline 12/02/19

Award to a USA precollegiate teacher to recognize outstanding contributions to American history education. Nominees for this award have undertaken activities to advance the intellectual development of other teachers or students. Successful candidates will demonstrate exceptional ability in one or more of the following kind...

GrantWatch ID#: 161714

Awards to Manitoba K-12 Educators to Recognize Effective Educational Methods

Deadline 12/02/19

Awards of $500 to Manitoba K-12 educators to recognize those whose educational methods have had a significant impact on student learning. Eligible educators may be nominated by students, colleagues, school administrators, school division administrators, trustees, and parents or legal guardians. Nominators should have direc...

GrantWatch ID#: 161720

Grants to Montana Public School Educators for Classroom Supplies, Materials, and Technology

Deadline 12/02/19

Grants of up to $500 to Montana public school educators and employees to purchase innovative classroom materials, supplies, and technology for children's education. Funding is intended to assist educators who use their own resources to purchase classroom supplies, and is not intended to replace school funding.

GrantWatch ID#: 173452

Awards to Texas Teachers for Creative Methods To Develop Student Interest in Science and Medi...

Deadline 12/03/19

Awards to Texas elementary, middle, and high school science teachers in private and public schools for original and inventive methods to inspire student interest in science and medicine. Teachers may specialize in any area of science teaching. Awards will be made to both teachers and their schools.

GrantWatch ID#: 161722

Grants to California Childcare Centers in Eligible Regions for Professional Development and ...

Deadline 12/05/19

Grants to California childcare centers in the San Francisco Bay area that serve children aged 0 to 5 for programs that encourage parental engagement and for high-quality professional development. Funding is intended to support infant, toddler, and pre-school centers committed to quality early-childhood development through...

GrantWatch ID#: 156664

Grants to North Carolina K-12 Public School Teachers for Equipment to Encourage Hands-On Lea...

Deadline 12/05/19

Grants to North Carolina K-12 teaching professionals to implement high quality activities and curriculum in mathematics and science in the State's public schools. Funding is intended to support the purchase of supplies, materials, and equipment used by students for high-quality, inquiry-based, hands-on activities in the cl...

GrantWatch ID#: 182487

Grants to Wicomico County, Maryland PreK-12 Schools and Teachers for In-School Arts Programs

Deadline 12/06/19

Grants of up to $1,000 to Wicomico County, Maryland PreK-12 schools and teachers for arts education programs. Proposals can include artist residencies or assemblies to work with a class or school, bus trips to a metropolitan arts organization, or commission of a work, such as a mural, sculpture, or painting. The program sh...

GrantWatch ID#: 154212

Grants to Greenbrier County, West Virginia Art Teachers and Artists for Enrichment Activitie...

Deadline 12/06/19

Grants of up to $2,000 to Greenbrier County, West Virginia art teachers and artists to provide arts enrichment programming in local public schools. Funding may be used for the purchase of art supplies, honoraria for visiting artists, admission and travel for student field trips, as well as other educational purposes.

GrantWatch ID#: 180841

Awards to Utah Teachers to Recognize Significant Positive Impact on Students

Deadline 12/08/19

Awards of $1,500 to Utah public school teachers to recognize exceptional efforts in the classroom. Awards will be given to teachers that have made a positive significant impact on an individual student or group or students. Winners will be honored at an annual banquet and awards ceremony, and will be featured in a speciall...

GrantWatch ID#: 150048

Awards to Texas K-12 and College Educators for Outstanding Contributions to History Education

Deadline 12/08/19

Awards of $5,000 to a full-time Texas K-12 teacher and a college-level educator to recognize outstanding contributions to the quality of history education. Nominations are invited on behalf of worthy individuals who teach full time at the kindergarten, elementary, secondary, or higher education levels. Anyone may submit a ...

GrantWatch ID#: 175643

Awards to Texas Educators, Schools, Principals, Districts, and Boards to Recognize Excellence...

Deadline 12/09/19

Awards to Texas school principals, teachers, schools, districts, and school boards to recognize excellence in education and dedication to students and their communities. Awards are intended to acknowledge outstanding educators and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. An awards event will culminate with the announce...

GrantWatch ID#: 147616

Award to a Virginia PreK-12 Teacher to Recognize Excellent Agricultural Education in the Clas...

Deadline 12/09/19

Award of $500 to a Virginia PreK through 12th-grade teacher to recognize the innovative integration of agricultural education into the daily curriculum of core subject areas. Teachers must use agricultural information and materials in their classroom in order to help students learn the importance of agriculture while also ...

GrantWatch ID#: 176072

Grants to Idaho Teachers and Teaching Artists for Career Development in Arts Education

Deadline 12/09/19

Grants of up to $750 to Idaho K-12 teachers, teaching artists, and educators to take advantage of professional development opportunities. Applicants must request approval in the online grant system prior to applying. Funding will reimburse costs associated with attending a workshop, conference, or other form of professiona...

GrantWatch ID#: 179020

Fellowships to USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico PreK-12 Educators for Professional Development i...

Deadline 12/10/19

Fellowships to USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico PreK-12 classroom teachers and informal educators for professional development in geographic literacy through field-based experiences abroad. Fellows will participate in a life-changing expedition that will expand their teaching practice, develop leadership capabilities, and enha...

GrantWatch ID#: 166351

Grants to British Columbia K-12 Educators for Professional Training Programs in the Arts

Deadline 12/10/19

Grants of up to $500 and grants of up to $1,000 to British Columbia K-12 educators for specialized training and learning opportunities to improve their knowledge of the arts. Funding is intended to enable school teachers to attend or present at professional development sessions, clinics or workshops designed to increase th...

GrantWatch ID#: 174922

Fellowships to USA PreK-12 Teachers and Educators for Professional Development Projects

Deadline 01/30/20 Conference Date: 12/11/19

Fellowships of up to $5,000 to USA PreK-12th grade educators and up to $10,000 to educator teams for projects that support professional growth and development. Funding is intended to offer educators who have a broad vision of teaching and learning the tools required to pursue self-designed professional learning experiences.

GrantWatch ID#: 177420

Grants to USA Nursing and Medical Educators for Career Development

Deadline 02/05/20 Conference Date: 12/11/19

Grants to USA nursing and medical educators to support career development and innovative educational approaches. Funding is intended to promote the careers of promising doctorally prepared faculty members in medicine and nursing. The goal of the program is to promote faculty who are committed to careers in health professio...

GrantWatch ID#: 184749

Opportunity for USA, Canada, and Australia K-12 Educators to Participate in a Competition on...

Deadline 12/12/19

Opportunity for USA, Canada, and Australia K-12 public and private school educators to participate in a competition for programs that help students prepare for the future. Winners will receive educational products and services. Eligible applicants are school administrators, special teachers (such as art or music teachers),...

GrantWatch ID#: 177784

Awards to Pennsylvania PreK-12 Teachers for Outstanding Contributions to Public Education

Deadline 12/15/19

Awards to Pennsylvania PreK-12 teachers to recognize outstanding contributions to the quality of public education. Nominations are invited on behalf of exceptional teachers who inspire students to learn, play an active role in their community and school, and have the admiration and respect of students, colleagues, and pare...

GrantWatch ID#: 144240

Grants to USA K-12 Teachers for Aerospace Science and Technology Activities in the Classroom

Deadline 12/15/19

Grants of up to $500 to USA K-12 teachers for integrating aerospace education into the class curriculum. Priority funding will be given to activities that relate to aerospace science and technologies. Programs should encourage the development of innovative aerospace activities, such as:

GrantWatch ID#: 159365

Grants to Ohio PreK-12 Teachers and Administrators to Promote Deep Learning for Students

Deadline 12/15/19

Grants of up to $3,000 to Ohio public Pre-K through twelfth-grade teachers and administrators for projects that encourage deep learning. Grants are typically for school-wide or classroom projects. The funding objective is to encourage and recognize outstanding classroom teachers in public schools throughout the state.

GrantWatch ID#: 170283

Grants to Idaho Nonprofits, Agencies, Individuals, Schools, Corporations, and Groups for Hum...

Deadline 01/15/20 LOI Date: 12/15/19

Grants to Idaho nonprofits, government agencies, schools, corporations, IHEs, groups, teachers, and individuals for a broad range of humanities projects. Applicants for large projects must submit an initial application one month prior to the full application deadline. Project types include small and large humanities projec...

GrantWatch ID#: 173127

Award to a New Hampshire Early-Career Teacher for Achievements in Mathematics Education

Deadline 12/15/19

Award including a cash prize of $250 to a New Hampshire early-career teacher to recognize outstanding contributions to mathematics education. Nominations are invited on behalf of teachers within the first five years of their career who demonstrate exceptional teaching qualities.

GrantWatch ID#: 175513

Award to a New Hampshire Teacher to Honor Excellence in Mathematics Education

Deadline 12/15/19

Award to a New Hampshire teacher to recognize outstanding mathematics education at any grade level, PreK-16. The purpose of this award is to highlight innovation and creativity in teaching math disciplines to all students. Nominees should be involved in professional groups and organizations to advance math education.

GrantWatch ID#: 176141

Grants to Spencer County, Indiana Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies to Benefit the Local Com...

Deadline 12/15/19

Grants to Spencer County, Indiana nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and schools for a broad range of charitable activities that meet community needs. Applicants are requested to meet with program staff prior to applying. This program is open throughout the year and encompasses four different funding levels.

GrantWatch ID#: 178512

Grants to Ohio Teachers to Help Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students Succeed in the Classroom

Deadline 12/15/19

Grants of up to $500 to Ohio teachers to help students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing succeed academically. The purpose of this program is to help provided resources for youth in the classroom setting. Funding may be requested by teachers for specific projects that will strengthen the potential of eligible students throug...

GrantWatch ID#: 179666

Grants to Arizona K-12 Teachers for Training and Skills Development Opportunities

Deadline 12/16/19

Grants of up to $650 to Arizona full-time K-12 teachers and educational support staff to attend professional development opportunities. Teachers are invited to apply for programs that will promote professional growth and result in a positive impact on student learning and academic success. This grant offers funding to a...

GrantWatch ID#: 178242

Grants to Louisiana Health Centers in Eligible Areas for Chronic Disease and Preventive Care

Deadline 12/19/19

Grants of up to $75,000 to Louisiana health centers to improve the quality of care in eligible areas. Funding is intended to improve chronic disease care and preventive care in the parishes served by the funding source. Federally qualified health centers located in the following counties are eligible to apply for funding: ...

GrantWatch ID#: 186505

Grants to Oregon, Washington, and Idaho Schools, School Districts, and Teachers for Water Sc...

Deadline 12/20/19

Grants averaging $500 to Oregon, Washington, and Idaho schools, school districts, and teachers for science-based curricula and projects for 4th-12th grade students focusing on water science restoration, involvement, and educational activities. Projects and curriculum must include stormwater or wastewater educational compo...

GrantWatch ID#: 176830

Awards to Pennsylvania and Delaware K-12 Educators to Recognize Outstanding Classroom Teachi...

Deadline 12/20/19

Awards of $2,000 to Pennsylvania and Delaware certified K-12 educators to recognize exceptional contributions to classroom teaching in eligible counties. Nominees must teach in New Castle County, Delaware; or Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, or Chester Counties in Pennsylvania.

GrantWatch ID#: 177100

Awards to Chester County, Pennsylvania K-12 Educators for Excellence in Teaching

Deadline 12/31/19

Awards to Chester County, Pennsylvania K-12 public and private school teachers to recognize outstanding contributions to education. This award acknowledges teachers who go beyond the call of duty to support students, encourage full potential, and make a difference in the community.

GrantWatch ID#: 144596

Grants to Illinois K-12 School Staff in Eligible Areas for Educational Classroom Projects

Deadline 12/31/19

Grants of $1,500 and a grant of $2,000 to Illinois teachers and administrators at public and private K-12 schools in the funding source's service district for innovative programs that enhance learning. Funding is available for eligible school districts in the counties of Bureau, DeWitt, Ford, Henry, Knox, La Salle, Logan, ...

GrantWatch ID#: 153423

Grants to Vermont High School Teachers for Year-Long Leadership Opportunities

Deadline 12/31/19

Fellowships to Vermont individual high school teachers, mental health counselors, guidance counselors, and healthcare professionals for a year-long opportunity to plan and initiate school-wide changes. Funding is intended to provide the grantee a sabbatical for professional and school system development.

GrantWatch ID#: 170468

Grants to New York Teachers in Dutchess and Ulster Counties to Enhance Learning Opportunities

Deadline 12/31/19

Grants of up to $2,000 to New York public school teachers in Dutchess and Ulster Counties for opportunities to enhance classroom learning. Funding is intended for trips outside the school, which are connected to the current educational curriculum. Teachers should seek funding from their school or district first. If that so...

GrantWatch ID#: 174460

Grants to Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia Science Teachers for Spectroscopy Education ...

Deadline 12/31/19

Grants of up to $2,000 to Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia science teachers working at high schools within the funding source’s membership area to promote and support spectroscopy education. Teachers are invited to submit applications for supplies and equipment that enable the teaching of spectroscopy.

GrantWatch ID#: 176360

Grants to Forsyth County, North Carolina Teachers and School Staff for Professional Developme...

Deadline 12/31/19

Grants of up to $2,500 to Forsyth County, North Carolina teachers and educational support staff for professional development and enrichment activities. Funding will be provided to support innovative and results-oriented educational opportunities that enable educators to enhance their impact on students and enrich the subje...

GrantWatch ID#: 178367